With nearly a decade of experience teaching indoor cycling to her credit, Iris Kotmel envisioned and founded CycleLuv® as the first dedicated indoor cycling studio in Loudoun County.

Standing wholeheartedly behind CycleLuv’s standards and effectiveness, Iris ensures the quality of the state-of-the-art Keiser equipment; the excellence of her team of instructors; and the high satisfaction of CycleLuv’s loyal members.

A Star 3 Mad Dogg Athletics-certified Spinning® Instructor (and CPR-certified, as are all CL staff), Iris does not rest content until she sincerely listens to the needs of her clients. Whether it is a custom playlist to celebrate a special occasion, a helpful modification for rehabilitating an injury, or pacing the CycleLuv team on one of its many philanthropy rides, CycleLuv’s members rally to Iris for both fitness and lasting friendships.

And there is more to Iris’ inspiring vision that keeps CycleLuv at the top of reader polls each year. The genuinely warm and wholly inclusive atmosphere is truly best experienced than described, with riders ranging from 12 to 75 years of age and of all fitness levels.

Join Iris on a ride today and discover the passion behind the words “Respect the bike–LUV the Ride.”

Angus has been racing mountain bikes for fun since the mid 90’s and has stepped up the number of races he completes in since coming to USA from the UK in 2006. Cycling has always been the best way for him to stay healthy and do a bit of good for the planet at the same time!

Angus says, “I find indoor cycling is excellent strength and endurance training for mountain bike racing. I love doing intervals on the indoor bike as I don’t have to worry about running out of trail or getting taken out by a car!”

Angus hopes to compete in the following mountain bike races this year: Snotcycle, Baker’s Dozen 13 hour, Hot Cycle sprint, Cranky Monkey 12 hour, Cranky Monkey sprint series, Shenandoah 100 mile race (completed race 6 times).

Angus is a Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. certified Spinning® instructor.

“My passion was running and was for years, but about 2 years ago my body just decided that enough was enough! After a few half marathons, 10k and 5k galore, running had to stop…

‘What should I do?’ I hear my voice inside. PANIC!

I drifted past the indoor cycling room every day at the gym I attended at that time, it looked so intimidating but there was this pull towards it, I had to give it a shot…end of story really.

I met Iris and that was it, the love of indoor cycling was born. 3 times a week and 5 months later and I had lost 30lbs…FANTASTIC!

Iris inspired me to go for my spin instructor certification with Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. I have never looked back. Indoor cycling has increased my stamina tenfold and it is an amazing exercise to cross train with others. I love mountain biking and to marry it up with indoor cycling is perfect. The hard push and adrenalin rush helps you through your day perfectly!”

An avid road cyclist for many years, Chuck decided to add indoor cycling to his fitness regimen, took his first ever class with Iris at CycleLuv over 3 years ago, and he has been a dedicated client ever since. Ultimately, the “bug” to instruct bit him, and with encouragement from the CycleLuv staff, he obtained his Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. certified Spinning® instructor certification in January 2017.

Chuck has a passion for teaching and coaching. He is a career firefighter in a neighboring county and he is certified as a Virginia Emergency Medical Technician with over 25 years of service to the community. He also achieved USA Hockey (Level 4) ice hockey coach certification, and he has coached both youth league and high school ice hockey teams in northern Virginia.

Chuck describes his instructional philosophy and view of CycleLuv as, “It’s all about maintaining positivity and leading others to their inner strength to continuously improve. Indoor cycling allows me to blend music, some humor, and fitness coaching to bring the best out of each rider. Helping our clients meet and surpass their goals is when the magic happens, and it’s deeply rewarding to see it happen! It is very much like coaching a team sport. The cool thing about CycleLuv is the welcoming atmosphere and the fact that almost everyone becomes quick friends. The energy and cohesiveness of the group is what sets CycleLuv and its instructors apart from other indoor cycling studios.”

My passion for health and fitness began several years ago when I started riding and competing horses on a regular basis. I went to CycleLuv hoping to find a fun way to get a good cross training workout…I got what I was looking for and then some! Even though I had strong legs from riding horses, the classes at CycleLuv took my strength and endurance to the next level. I was hooked, and I’ve been going back ever since.

With Iris’ encouragement I got my Spinning instructor certification through Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. My goal as a student turned instructor is to create a fun, energizing environment that will inspire my students to crush their workout and to keep them coming back for more. CycleLuv is a great place for people of all ages and fitness levels, but don’t just take my word for it-come ride with me and see for yourself! 

Shortly after having twins and moving to the Leesburg area, I knew that I wanted to make some new, local friends, and also to work on getting back into my pre-pregnancy excercise routine. As any new mom can tell you, both of these are tall orders! Enter CycleLuv. They had a schedule that worked with my needs. The classes are fast-paced, but even on my first day, I never felt like I didn’t belong–Iris and the other instructors kept me engaged, and pushing myself. And the other members were all so welcoming. I thought I was getting a gym membership, but I wound up finding a community of supportive friends as well! I was hooked, and fast. Now, with Iris’ encouragement, I’ve become a certified Star 3 Level cycling instructor.

Holly has her Primary Group Excercise and Indoor Cycling certifications from the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Holly believes in having variety in both music and riding. Her workouts are created to be challenging but she teaches to all fitness levels by encouraging modifications and body awareness. If you like a mix of stellar music and kick butt cardio, then bring it, and get ready to swim in your own sweat!

We'd Luv to Ride with You!